NAGPRA Coordinator

Develops tribal relationships that acknowledge and respect a Tribe’s sovereignty, cultural protocols, and cultural and religious practices and knowledge. Works across the University of Connecticut’s departments and units to achieve the University’s goals around the timely and respectful return of Native American ancestors and cultural items. Ensures the University is compliant with all aspects of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and state-level policy and is responsible for the implementation of NAGPRA and related repatriation activities at UConn. This includes working with departments and other units to compile and maintain inventories of collections that fall under NAGPRA. Identify Native American human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of cultural patrimony, prepare reports of findings, and present findings to tribal representatives for consultation as required by the NAGPRA regulatory process. Submit collections summaries and inventories to the National NAGPRA. Works with existing Curators and Collections managers of Archeological and Cultural Collections to review Native American Collections across departments and units to meet NAGPRA compliance requirements. Seeks grant funds to support repatriation and collaborative community projects.


  • NAGPRA Coordinator Actions (70%):
    • Work with University departments and other units to inventory and create summaries of all human remains and associated/unassociated funerary objects on campus and complete a regular campus-wide audit.
    • Develop and implement outreach strategies to proactively engage Native American, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian communities in NAGPRA consultations.
    • Oversee all aspects of NAGPRA tribal outreach involving complex external relations programs, projects, and events, including coordinating special programs, and overseeing the production of audio/visual or written and visual materials with Native American, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian communities.
    • Advise, educate, and train the University and its counterparts in the procedures of NAGPRA repatriations as applicable.
    • Advise University personnel about repatriation best practices.
    • Address all repatriation requests made to the University.
    • Using institutional knowledge and awareness of constituency perception, assist with designing, developing, and implementing short and long-term strategic plans, programs, events, and activities.
    • Travel to relevant semi-annual meetings and conferences to research best practices in the field and/or to publicly present University NAGPRA activities where appropriate.
    • Identify and assist with preparing applications for grants to support campus and tribal NAGPRA efforts.
    • Quickly and appropriately identify, address/escalate, and mitigate unforeseen and/or rapidly unfolding events that may negatively impact relationships between the campus and tribal constituencies, keeping senior management appropriately advised and notified.
    • Support and coordinate regular meetings with the UConn Repatriation Committee.
  • Curatorial (20%)
    • Collaborate with Native American Tribes and community members to create exhibitions and educational opportunities that support contemporary Native American interests.
    • Coordinate with the Office of State Archaeology (OSA) and the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History (CSMNH) to conduct collections rehabilitation and curation work with descendent communities and tribes to care for Native American collections at UConn.
    • Coordinate with the CSMNH and other relevant entities in the design, evaluation, and implementation of educational programs related to Native American cultures.
    • Carry out repatriation preparations including packing ancestors and belongings for return as needed.
  • Administrative Work (10%)
    • Develop a curation plan for the University regarding Native American human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, or objects of cultural patrimony.
    • Meet regularly with the Provost’s Office to ensure campus compliance with state and federal regulations as well as adequate funding and staffing.
    • Represent the University to the campus community and public in matters related to the Native American collections and UConn repatriation efforts.

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