The Library & Museum of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia invites applications for sabbatical, postdoctoral, predoctoral, and short-term research fellowships to support research projects utilizing its collections.
The APS’s Library & Museum houses one of North America’s oldest and largest collections of archival, audio-visual, digital, and printed materials relating to the languages, cultures, and histories of Indigenous people of the continent and neighboring regions. The collections date from 1553 to 2022 and include materials relating to early colonial periods, extensive documentation of hundreds of Indigenous languages, anthropological and ethnographic fieldwork, and materials produced by past and present Indigenous individuals documenting a broad range of lived experiences.
The APS’s Library & Museum is home to three research centers: the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR), which has worked with over 80 Native American and Indigenous communities since 2014; the Center for Digital Scholarship, which interprets and expands access to APS collections through digital projects and open source data; and the David Center for the American Revolution, a partnership with the David Library of the American Revolution that formed a new research center for the American Revolution at the APS.
The Indigenous Subject Guide provides extensive information to begin exploring the archival collections at the APS relating to Indigenous peoples and languages at
Additional searchable guides and finding aids to our collections are available online at and
See individual fellowship descriptions below for more information and instructions on how to apply. For a complete listing of all APS grant and fellowship opportunities, visit

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