For years, Emory Libraries and the Michael C. Carlos Museum have worked tirelessly to make university collections accessible to the Emory community and beyond, forming a strong connection through shared goals and values.

Reviews conducted last year identified opportunities for both the libraries and the museum to be better positioned to serve as centers of excellence within the university. Leadership transitions at the Carlos Museum and the libraries, and the recent separation of Emory Libraries from Information Technology, presented ideal timing for restructuring.

This formal connection between the libraries and museum builds on their strong relationship; is designed to facilitate closer coordination in the fulfilment of their mutual educational, research, and discovery missions; and ultimately will enhance support for both.

Uniting these two areas will strengthen our academic programs and is perfectly aligned with our aspirations for research eminence. This restructuring is about preparing for future investments and alignment with our strategic priorities.

A new Vice Provost for Libraries and Museum will work closely with the Office of the Provost and provide support in planning for the future of both areas, including advancing the digitization, cataloging, and conservation of the university’s extraordinary collections while continuing to expand access.

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