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Join our Membership!

Membership in the Council for Museum Anthropology is open to any member of the American Anthropological Association who supports the Council’s purpose, subject to the payment of section dues as stipulated by the Board of Directors of the Council.

Membership Rates

* AAA members: Professional and Associate AAA members pay $30 per year for a membership in CMA.

* AAA Student Members: To encourage emerging museum anthropology scholars, student (both undergraduate and graduate) memberships in CMA are now available for only $5 per year.

To join (or renew) as a member of the American Anthropological Association and the CMA section, go to the AAA Membership Page.


Membership Benefits


* A subscription to Museum Anthropology, a journal that comments upon the display, representation, and interpretation of cultures and material culture in museums.

* Voting privileges and eligibility to serve as an officer or board member of the Council for Museum Anthropology.

* Opportunities for debate and discussion at the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association, the American Association of Museums, regional museum and anthropology organizations, and at CMA-sponsored occasional meetings and seminars.

* Participation in special events at the AAA annual meeting, including behind-the-scenes museum collection tours and the annual CMA Reception.

* All AAA members receive a subscription to Anthropology News, a monthly publication of the American Anthropological Association. CMA publishes a regular column in Anthropology News to highlight CMA business and current issues in museum anthropology.