Via KUNM, June 30, 2022


Native Americans have long called the Southwest home. Yet, the true scope of their rich history and culture has often been overlooked. Now the updated permanent exhibit at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe is showcasing both historic and contemporary Native artwork.

Here, Now, and Always” is the newest reimagined exhibit from the museum that’s dedicated to giving Native Americans control of their own narratives.

At a preview this week, curator Tony Chavarria of Santa Clara Pueblo, who focused on themes of cycles in the exhibit, says when the museum’s core exhibition first opened in 1997 it was one of the first in the region to incorporate Native perspectives. This new iteration continues that mission.

“[We want] to give a voice to the Native people of the Southwest, and provide basically a new perspective, a new era,” Chavarria said. “So it’s important to give that voice to this generation that keeps growing. Native people don’t want to be stuck in time like it’s the 1880s.”

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