The NAGPRA Repatriation Team will report to the Chancellor’s Designee, the Assistant Chancellor, Government and Community Relations in the Office of the Chancellor.

The Government and Community Relations (GCR) office builds relationships with community leaders, elected officials, government agencies and third party advocates to further the mission of UC Berkeley in the public sector. The issues of primary focus for the GCR team include student financial aid, admissions, scientific research and other policies at the forefront of higher education and government. GCR also coordinates the University’s response to a wide range of political and policy issues, and advises administrators and faculty on strategies to gain constructive dialogue with government and community leaders.

  • Serve as the campus’s designated authority under the University of California Policy and Procedures on Curation and Repatriation of Human Remains and Cultural Items and serve as the primary point of contact for all NAGPRA inquiries seeking information about Native American remains and objects falling under NAGPRA regulations.
  • Develop and implement a robust outreach program to proactively engage Native American communities in NAGPRA consultations, per UCOP policy.
  • Develop tribal relationships that acknowledge and respect a Tribe’s sovereignty, cultural protocols, and cultural and religious practices and knowledge.
  • Represent UC Berkeley as lead NAGPRA staff at regular meetings with tribal government officials and representatives to coordinate NAGPRA compliance, address tribal concerns, and when possible, negotiate culturally sensitive resolutions.
  • Coordinate with Federal Agencies regarding collections curated by the UC Berkeley Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology to promote proactive compliance with NAGPRA.
  • Make recommendations to the UC Berkeley NAGPRA Advisory Committee on compliance with applicable law and UC NAGPRA policy.
  • Develop UC Berkeley NAGPRA Policies in consultation with relevant staff, faculty, and offcampus tribal representatives.
  • Oversee UC Berkeley NAGPRA compliance: coordinate closely with the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology and the Office of the President; oversee repatriations of culturally affiliated remains and NAGPRA-related objects; oversee disposition of culturally unidentifiable remains; maintain records of outreach, notification and consultation; track responses and prepare status report; Develop documents to facilitate consultations; and submit and update federal reports and Notices.
  • Manage administrative aspects of NAGPRA Program including developing the repatriation implementation plan, supervising and managing staff, and developing and overseeing project budget. Provide supervision and direction to NAGPRA project staff. Determine, delegate and supervise work to achieve goals and objectives. Oversee processes and outcomes to ensure quality standards are met. Oversee unit resources: coordinate staffing, assignments, and leave requests; interview, select, train, and evaluate staff. Provide performance management, engagement, and mentoring. In consultation with management, determine the need for corrective action or complaint resolution. Provide development opportunities.
  • Develop and maintain a UC Berkeley NAGPRA website. Identify and apply for grants to support the NAGPRA project. Deliver professional and public presentations on the UC Berkeley NAGPRA compliance program. Serve as primary resource and campus expert for campus staff and Faculty regarding tribal relations.

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