About the Summer Institute in Museum Studies

Museum and gallery professionals are often so busy that they do not have a chance to step back and reflect on larger issues facing their workplaces. Because responsibilities also tend to be segmented, one may only hear about institutional challenges through the grapevine, a management memo, or the press, but never be further involved. The Summer Institute in Museum Studies is a week-long concentrated course designed to provide practicing and aspiring professionals with an opportunity for dialogue and reflection. Offered by Carleton’s Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture (known as ICSLAC), this non-credit program will focus on current issues in museum work, mainly but not exclusively in Canada. Participants will have the opportunity to experience lectures, discussions, readings, and museum and guided gallery visits that identify dilemmas and directions for those who work in this field and those that aspire to. Participants will also contribute a self-reflexive presentation at the end of the workshop.

2024 Programming

The topics for exploration are a distillation of suggestions offered by gallery and museum directors and curators from across the country, and may also be tailored to participants’ interests. Please register early and include any particular issues, topics, or museum sites you would to explore. We will do our best to accommodate these! Programming for the 2024 Summer Institute will cover the following (a full and detailed schedule will be provided a month before the institute):

    • Access
    • Repatriation/Rematriation
    • Decolonization
    • Difficult Histories
    • Diversifying and democratizing museums

Summer Institute Format

Co-led by Curatorial Studies faculty convenors Alexandra Kahsenni:io Nahwegahbow and Monica Eileen Patterson, each day will cover a dedicated topic, with leading expertise provided by a guest contributor. The day will follow a workshop format and will include a lecture, discussion, and guided site visit or tour. A bibliography relevant to the topics covered will be circulated. This five-day course will close with a presentation and discussion session led by participants. A certificate will be delivered upon completion of the course.

Practical Details

When:  July 29 to August 2, 2024

Where:  Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture, St. Patrick’s Building, Carleton University

Cost: The cost is $1,500 per participant and includes 5 lecture/discussion sessions, 4 guided museum visits, museum entry, and transport. View our refund policy.

Accommodations: Participants must arrange their own accommodations. There are a limited number of 2-bedroom suites available in the on-campus residence halls starting at $130/night + tax. Guests may book directly through the online booking portal here: Carleton University Overnight Bookings

In order to access the booking page you will need to input the group promotion code: CUOVERNIGHT24

Registration deadline: Ongoing. Enrolment is limited. We strongly encourage registering early.

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