Museum Anthropology Journal

muanMuseum Anthropology is published by the Council for Museum Anthropology (CMA), a section of the American Anthropological Association. The journal is published in partnership with Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, through the publications program of the American Anthropological Association. Members of the Council for Museum Anthropology receive the journal as a members benefit and the journal receives support from the dues for section membership. The journal is currently edited by Emily Stokes-Rees (Syracuse University) and co-edited by Phaedra Livingstone (Centennial College).

Museum Anthropology seeks to be a leading voice for scholarly research on the collection, interpretation, and representation of the material world. Through critical articles, provocative commentaries, and thoughtful reviews, this peer-reviewed journal aspires to cultivate vibrant dialogues that reflect the global and trans-disciplinary work of museums. Situated at the intersection of practice and theory, Museum Anthropology advances our knowledge of the ways in which material objects are intertwined with living histories of cultural display, economics, socio-politics, law, memory, ethics, colonialism, conservation, and public education.

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* Back issues of Museum Anthropology are available online in the AnthroSource digital portal. With issue 30(1), the journal will be published concurrently in print form and in AnthroSource.
* The journal is indexed in Anthropological Index and Anthropological Literature.
* The editorial office also maintains The Museum Anthropology Blog, an online blog (blog) that supports the mission of the journal.
* For subscription, submission guidelines, and advertising information, see the journal’s page on the website of Wiley Blackwell.
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