CMA Anthropology News Columns

The Council for Museum Anthropology publishes a regular column in Anthropology News, the newsletter of the American Anthropological Association. In addition to publishing news of the CMA, AAA section news offers a space to publish the newest, most innovative work in our field online.

Contribute now!

Publish your most current, relevant work. Contributing authors must be CMA members.

Essays (think of these as magazine-style anthropology stories), photo essays, or interviews grounded in interesting research or current events or debates within the discipline—related to the section’s area of expertise. Anthropology News aims for magazine-style anthropology writing with scientific bite.

Essay is 1,600 words maximum + one to three visually compelling images.

Photo essay is up to 600 words introductory text + six to eight high quality, striking images.

Send your pitch to Anthropology News section co-editors: Catherine Nichols (cnichols [at] luc [dot] edu) and Christy DeLair (cdelair [at] niu [dot] edu)

Anthropology News has quarterly deadlines for section news submissions.

For the 2020 – 2021 year, we especially welcome submissions on the following topics:

  • work that engages anti-racism, anti-oppression, and inclusivity
  • pieces that amplify the work of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color) scholars, including researchers and museum professionals
  • impacts of the pandemic

Submissions must be received by the section co-editors via e-mail in Microsoft Word or other standard text format. Images should be sent as separate files and credit or caption text should be submitted as part of the text document. Authors must also provide their name, title, institution, and a short, one- to two-sentence bio to be included with their piece.

Submissions must be no longer than the specified word limit including title, photo captions, and bio.

Read the AAA Guidelines for Section Authors

Our CMA publications can be found through the Section News tab of the
Anthropology News website, and here.
Recent open-access topical CMA columns include:

Curating African Cosmos/Stellar Arts, Christine Mullen Kreamer, July 2019

Wampum 1

Past Columns

All of CMA’s past columns are archived at AnthroSource by issue in Anthropology News, which is accessible to AAA members. These include:

Awkward Objects of Genocide, Erica Lehrer, Roma Sendyka, Magdalena Zych, Wojciech Wilczyk
February 2017
Displayed, Not Played, Zeke Leonard and Emily Stokes-Rees, February 2017
Ephemeral Encounters and Material Evidence, Margaret Bruchac
November 2016
Digitizing Endangered Languages and Recovering Voices at the Smithsonian, Jeanine Nault
August 2016
Curating Gathering Voices, Lynnette Regouby & Diana E. Marsh
June 2016
Unfathomable Attachments to Amerindian Patrimony, Lise Puyo
July 2014
Art or Patrimony? Indigenous Objects in the International Art Market, Margaret Bruchac
April 2013
Digital Repatriation in the Field of Indigenous Anthropology, Timothy Powell
October 2011
International Museum Repatriation: Issues in the News, Margaret Bruchac
May 2011
Answering a Grand Challenge by Transforming Access to Museum Collections, Alex W. Barker
March 2011
Ownership, Representation, and Repatriation, Margaret Bruchac
March 2010
Increasing the Relevance of Museum Anthropology, Alex W. Barker
February 2010
Museums, Antiquities, and the Ethics of Cultural Property, Alex W. Barker
October 2009
Obama Provides New Meaning for the Term “Stimulus Package,” Stephen E. Nash
May 2009
Painting a New Black Leggings Tipi: Public Art and Community Discourse, Daniel C. Swan
March 2009
Training in Collections Research Methods, Candace Greene
January 2009
A New Era for Native Arts at a New Denver Art Museum
Joyce Herold

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