Via Hyperallergic, September 23, 2021

In the latest effort to repatriate the Benin Bronzes, thousands of artifacts looted by British troops from present-day Nigeria in the 1890s, a group of artists has offered to donate contemporary works in exchange for their return. The Ahiamwen Guild of artists and bronze casters from Benin City says it wants to give newer pieces to the British Museum in London to encourage the restitution of the approximately 900 historical items in its collection.

“We never stopped making the bronzes even after those ones were stolen,” Osarobo Zeickner-Okoro, a founding member of the guild, told Reuters. “I think we make them even better now.” In a recent ceremony in Benin City attended by members of the royal court, the guild presented a selection of artworks on offer, including a sculpture of a ram made of spark plugs and a bronze plaque carved with historical scenes.

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