AVMPI Coordinator

Oversees the AVMPI by assessing program needs, as well as assists with developing and implementing collection management standards, policies, and procedures to ensure the safety, conservation, and preservation of audiovisual collections.

  • Collects and assembles critical information about collections to assist in the assessment of the Smithsonian’s overall audiovisual collections stewardship. Compiles reports and recommendations relating to preservation for the use of committees, focus groups, and other units within the Smithsonian.

  • Manages the AVMPI Team, ensures the completion of goals in a timely manner, as determined by the AVMPI Task Force and Advisory Committee. Develops project goals and timelines and identifies persons responsible for completing project tasks. Communicates issues and potential bottlenecks to SLA Preservation Coordinator for resolution

  • Coordinates all AVMPI activities and related projects, to include physical stabilization and conservation treatment, digitization, quality control, transcription, and accessibility. Maintains the conservation laboratory and collections storage for AVMPI activities, to include inventorying and purchasing supplies, advising on appropriate conservation treatment methods, and managing collection environments and an integrated pest management program.

Curator of Recorded Media

Researches, analyzes, and reviews existing audiovisual media collections and digital assets created by the AVMPI from across several Smithsonian units. Curatorial and research focus shall be on the audiovisual media collection held across the Smithsonian – recordings on analog film, video and audio objects – which will allow to open the vaults and reveal this vast and varied collection of material from the past 120 years.

  • Conceptualizes and executes research projects that reflect key questions about media preservation. Assists with selecting and preparing documents for on-line exhibit, including research on selected topics best illuminated by audiovisual media content made available through the AVMPI. Coordinates all activities, helps develop evaluation plans to ensure that on-line exhibits engage the visitor and accomplish educational objectives; and serves as a liaison between SI units, and other external organizations for related requests. Incumbent represents the curatorial aspects of the AVMPI throughout the Smithsonian

  • Collaborates closely with the AVMPI Task Force and unit stakeholders to survey audiovisual media collections, research the significance of those collections, and assist in setting preservation priorities for those collections across the Institution. Assists in developing a plan with a major emphasis on increasing electronic access to resources through digitization and web-related technologies. Identifies gaps and areas for improvement to create new educational and outreach resources with Smithsonian audiovisual media materials to increase the resources online.

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