The John Collier Jr. Award for Still Photography is awarded periodically by the Collier award committee members of the Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) to an author or photographer whose publication, exhibit, website, or other multimedia production exemplifies the use of still photographs (both historical and contemporary) for research and communication of anthropological knowledge.  The submission must have a strong visual research perspective accompanied by high quality photographs, both technically and aesthetically, and be within six years of the original publication date.

Rules for Submissions: The project must be nominated by a current member of the American Anthropology Association. A complete submission packet consists of:

  1. A letter of nomination from the AAA member covering why the work deserves the award, as well as the name, book title or exhibit, website or multimedia production, publisher, author’s mailing address, phone and email.

  2. A letter of consent from the work’s author.

  3. Four (4) copies of the work (if a physical copy exists). These copies should be requested by the author from the publisher to be sent directly to the committee.

Completed submission materials must be received by the deadline listed below.

Submissions cannot be nominated directly from the publisher but the copies of the work may be sent directly from the publisher to the committee. Collections of writings by multiple authors will not be considered nor can previous winners submit another time.

The same work may be submitted a maximum of two (2) times. The SVA Collier Award board appointed committee then reviews the submitted works to decide on its merits. Winners are announced during the SVA/AAA  Business Meeting and presented with a John Collier Jr. or Mary Collier print, courtesy of the Collier Family Collection, a certificate of recognition and award recognition stickers to place on the work.

Submissions for 2021 should be mailed to:  The Collier Committee c/o Liz Cartwright.  1028 North Marilyn Drive, Pocatello, Idaho 83204. Questions may be directed to

Deadlines for 2021 Submission and Award Notification:

May 31:  Deadline for receipt of nomination materials and submission to SVA.

August 31: Committee decision will be submitted to SVA President and Secretary.

Sept 10: Award information submitted to AAA program committee.

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