Via The Santa Fe Reporter, by Alex DeVore, March 3, 2021

Exhibiting Kinship host Felicia Garcia (Chumash) says something simple but powerful a few minutes into the new podcast’s inaugural episode: “I’m willing to learn in public.” Garcia’s co-host Meranda Roberts (Northern Paiute) says roughly the same.

This openness sets the overall tone for the pair’s newest collaborative project, and sidesteps one of the myriad conundrums for culture workers everywhere: They’re not saying they know everything, but they are saying they’d like to learn more while using their own expertise, experience and education to color the ongoing conversation. Hence, the podcast—one rooted in, according to the official language of its website, “discussing the many ways Indigenous people are working to radically change the museum world.”

Thus far, Kinship has released two episodes—the requisite getting-to-know-you pilot and a wildly interesting interview with an Apsáalooke curator. A third is hitting the usual podcast places on March 5. For anyone working within the museum field or simply interested in the cultural institutions both near and far, it’s an absolute must-listen.”

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