The purpose of this position is to provide direction and management over an extensive and complex museum collections and subordinate staff and carry out responsibilities in the museum functions of collections, exhibits, research, education, archives, and library. This work occurs primarily at the Hibben Center but will also include work responsibilities at both park units. This position reports directly to the Superintendent. The incumbent manages an intricate program of museum, library, and archives activities that involve sensitive and complex collections issues with one of the most valued museum, library, and archives collections in the NPS in the American Southwest. The diverse collections include archeology, ethnology, history, archives, biology, geology, and paleontology and more.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Manages the Hibben Center facility while ensuring the park site responsibilities are maintained in collaboration with peers and on-site managers and staff.

  • Supervises employees, interns, and volunteers; in carrying out this dynamic program. Provides overall professional and technical direction for the museum, library, and archive collections program; plans for and develops recommendations for programming priorities of all museum, library, and archives functions.

  • May represent the Superintendent when working with stakeholders and partners on museum, research, partnerships, and collections matters. May serve as an Agreements Technical Representative (ATR).

  • Develops, maintains and nurtures effective working relations with related groups, tribes and pueblo communities, individuals, agencies, educational institutions, and the public.

  • Develops strategic plans, work plans and schedules, project statements, scopes of work, cost estimates, and proposals to justify funding requests and accomplish goals.

  • Manages multiple budget accounts including both ONPS funds and project funding. Serves as Develops project scope, schedules, budgets, staffing needs that best satisfy NPS serves as Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR).

  • Designs and implements plans for the management, evaluation, documentation, preservation, research, and interpretation of the museum, library, and archive collections within the context of managing the collections of one of the most significant sites in the American Southwest, managed by the NPS.

  • Develops guidelines and strategies to work through the very complex or unusual problems, or with novel, undeveloped or controversial aspects of museum, library and archive collections and their management.

  • Ensures development and implementation of all required museum, library, and archive collection programs and plans and reports in compliance with the NPS museum property accountability rules and procedures (as described in NPS-28 Cultural Resources Management Guideline, NPS-77 Natural Resources Management Guideline, NPS Museum Handbook, and other publications as applicable).

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