Ad-Hoc Committee on Digital Publishing

We have written two editorials on the upcoming changes for the journal as the AAAs contract with Wiley Blackwell comes to an end in 2017 (Briefly in Embracing the Diversity of Museum Anthropology and in more depth in Considerations for a Sustainable Future). We have been empowered by the Council for Museum Anthropology to put together a committee of knowledgeable people and digital publishing specialists to help inform the board as they choose among the options as we move forward.

Transition to New Editors

Our term as editors will come to an end June 30, 2014.  We are in the process of identifying and preparing a long and seamless transition for the next editor(s), similar to what Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and Steve Nash provided us. 

Our Next Issue

Stay tuned! Our spring 2014 issue is a special issue guest edited by Dr. Bob Rotenberg that was based on a conference held at the Field Museum. The articles focus on practices of urban collecting and theories of materiality.

Call for Papers

As we reported at the business meeting, our turn around for articles is much shorter than most other journals – 2.5 months on average. As always, we welcome your contributions to the journal so please consider submitting to Museum Anthropology journal.  Information for authors here.

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