UC campuses have been too slow in returning Native American bones and artifacts.

In 1974, Berkeley’s distinguished anthropologist Robert Heizer issued
a public mea culpa for the practices of his profession in treating
“California Indians as though they were objects.” In particular, he
apologized for the “continued digging up of the graves of their

In 1999, the department of anthropology at Berkeley issued
an apology to the cultural descendants of Ishi, a Yahi native, for
sending his brain to the Smithsonian after his death in 1916. “We regret
our department’s role in what happened to Ishi, a man who had already
lost all that was dear to him.”

This was a good beginning to a journey of accountability and
reconciliation. But since then, the University of California has been
largely silent about its role as the legal owner of a vast collection of
native remains stashed in basements in campuses throughout the state.
It owes at the very least 10,000 more apologies.

More at the Los Angeles Times here.

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