The Future of Ethnographic
Museums Conference
Pitt Rivers Museum & Keble
University of Oxford, United
July 19th – 21st
Ethnographic museums have a long and
distinguished history but they have also been the subject of criticism and complaint.
During the second half of the twentieth century they therefore underwent
something of an identity crisis. More recently however, many of these
institutions have been remodeled or rethought and visitor numbers have only
increased. This conference seeks to analyze these shifts and to ask what the
remit of an ethnographic museum should be in the twenty first century. 
lecturer: Prof. James Clifford. 
Other distinguished speakers include: Ruth
Phillips, Sharon Macdonald, Wayne Modest, Corinne Kratz, Kavita Singh, Annie
Coombes and Nicholas Thomas. 
Join us for lectures, debate and a series of art
and music events in the unique environment of the Pitt Rivers Museum. 
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information visit:

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