Please join us in welcoming to the Museum Anthropology journal and its readership the new Editorial Board.  Many thanks to those who have served in this capacity in the past. We look forward to working with the new board and thank them in advance for their service to the journal and its readers.  We have provided a brief introduction below.

Editorial Board Members
Kathleen M. Adams (US)
Professor at Loyola University of Chicago &
Adjunct Curator of Southeast Asian Ethnology, Field Museum of Natural History
Research Focus: Indonesia and California
Sven Haakanson, Jr. (Alutiiq;
Anthropologist and  Executive
Director of the Alutiiq Museum in Kodiak, Alaska
Research Focus: Alutiiq language, culture and artifacts; 2007 MacArthur
Marie Mauzé  (France)
Senior Researcher, CNRS at Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale in Paris
Research Focus: Northwest Coast
Carole Mayer (Canada)
Head of Curatorial Department at UBC Museum of Anthropology &
Associate member of the Department of Anthropology
Research Focus: Oceania, critical curatorship, and museum anthropology
Ann McMullen (US)
Curator & Head of Collections Research and Documentation at the
National Museum of the American Indian
Research Focus: Native North America, material culture, museum
Steve Nash (US)
Anthropology Department Chair & Curator of Archaeology at Denver
Museum of Nature & Science
Research Focus: Southwest Archaeology, history of museums
Tey Marianna Nunn (Latina; US)
Director of the Art Museum and The Visual arts Program at the National
Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque
Research focus: U.S Latino / Hispano/Latin American art, identity, and
Laura Peers (UK)
Curator for the Americas Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum &
Reader in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at
University of Oxford
Research Focus: First Nations Canada and US and museum and heritage
Sherry Farrell Racette
(Timiskaming First Nation / Irish; 
Associate Professor of Native Studies at University of Manitoba
Research Focus: First Nation Studies, art and women’s history
Paul Tapsell (Maori; New
Professor of Maori Studies at University of Otago
Research Focus: Maori cultural heritage and museums
Mark Turin (US & UK)
Director of Yale Himalaya Initiative and Professor at Yale and
Research Focus: Himalayan region, digital archives and heritage,
endangered languages

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