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A unique partnership underpins this project, linking a university team with expertise in digital museum and community information system design and evaluation (UCLA’s Department of Information Studies), a tribal museum at the Pueblo of Zuni (the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center), a regional museum of culture, art, and science (Museum of Northern Arizona), a major art museum (Denver Art Museum), a major natural history museum (Denver Museum of Nature & Science), and an international anthropology museum (Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)…
…Innovation and collaboration are the key goals of this project, using new technologies to enhance how museum collections are described via a collaboration with Native communities. The development, evaluation and dissemination of our model for collaborative catalogs will consider cultural protocols, museum collection management systems, blogging/tagging technologies, focus group evaluations, and public workshops, which other museums can sustainably adopt in their uses of digital resources for capacity building in integrating Indigenous perspectives into their collections.
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