Dear Museum Anthropology Readers:

With this posting, we bid you farewell as the co-editors of Museum Anthropology. The next post will come to you from the new editors!

Editors are largely at the mercy of the authors who seek to publish with them. In that sense, we see the journal not as a product of our work so much as a result of our colleagues’ commitment to keeping Museum Anthropology flourishing. We are grateful to everyone who submitted to the journal, and the many more, we hope, who are considering submitting a paper in the near future.

The other significant group of people that keeps the journal’s wheels turning is the more than two hundred peer reviewers with whom we have worked over the last three years. The double-blind peer review process that we initiated in 2009 means that peer reviewers rarely get the accolades they deserve. Without them and their dedicated efforts and contributions, there would not be a peer-reviewed journal.

We also thank our editorial board members, whose insights and advice helped us expand our reach across disciplines and continents. Our thanks also go to the AAA publishing department and the Wiley-Blackwell production staff, and also the Council for Museum Anthropology Board of Directors, who facilitated our efforts and allowed us to push boundaries from time to time.

Finally, and especially, we thank Christine Weeber, our Editorial Manager, in-house copy editor, and proofreader, whose amazing perseverance and professionalism have helped make the journal such a pleasure to put together. We are especially pleased to report also that Weeber will continue her work as managing editor, which will help make the editorial transition proceed even more smoothly. Quite simply, Weeber’s steady hand, attention to detail, and behind-the-scenes efficiency make her an indispensible asset to the successful production of Museum Anthropology.

We now turn over the editorial reins to Dr. Jennifer Shannon of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Dr. Cynthia Chavez Lamar of the Indian Arts Research Center at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe. We have every confidence that they will continue the long tradition of excellence for which Museum Anthropology is known. We wish them all the luck and look forward to 2013 when we can open the journal and enjoy it again, as readers.

Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and Stephen E. Nash

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