The University of Arizona School of Anthropology will be conducting its second field season at Rock Art Ranch during the first summer session of 2012 (June 4 through July 6) for undergraduate and graduate students at all skill levels. The participants will learn both archaeological survey and excavation techniques. For survey, participants will learn site identification, location and mapping using GPS; artifact identification, collection and processing; soil and plant identification; and artifact analysis and sourcing. For excavation, the participants will learn mapping at all levels of the site, feature identification, the principles of stratigraphy and their application to the archaeological record, seriation techniques, artifact identification and typology, and basic laboratory procedures. Finally, students will be shown how by combining the techniques of survey and excavation, a more complete understanding of human society in the past can be achieved.

Project Location: Rock Art Ranch is a private ranch 20 miles southeast of Winslow, AZ, that still raises cattle and bison.The ranch contains some of the Southwest’s most spectacular rock art dating from 6000 BC to AD 1400, which has been completely documented.

Schedule: Field and laboratory sessions are from 7 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Field trips will occur on Saturdays with dinner eaten in Winslow. Due to the remote location of the project, trips to Winslow to do laundry and shopping will be done on Sunday.

Tuition and Fees: Field school registration is subject to normal University of Arizona tuition and fees for summer school, which are the same for in-state and out-of-state students. These fees have not yet been set, but in 2011 were $315/credit hour for undergrads and $350 for graduate students. A special course fee of $600.00 for each course for a total of $1200 covers field school costs and is due at registration.

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