Panel Title: Living Collections: Social Networks of Space, Place, and Materiality

American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, November 16-20, 2011

Panel Organizers:
Diana Marsh (University of British Columbia)
Meredith Diane Mantooth (University of British Columbia)

Jennifer Kramer (Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia)

– Material Culture/Materiality – Museum Anthropology – Space/Place

Panel Abstract:
Museums and collections are intertwined through issues of space, place, and materiality. Through this panel we seek to interrogate and understand the complex relationships that exist between objects, persons, and the spaces they inhabit. Following the theme of traces and tidemarks, this panel looks at the ways things can simultaneously be and leave traces of human memory and interaction across time and space. Topics can incorporate issues of colonialism, tourism, collecting practices, exchange, representation, and agency with regard to material culture, both past and present. We encourage participation from a wide array of backgrounds and disciplines including geography, history, ethnography, art history, and archaeology.

Abstracts should be submitted by email to Diana Marsh ( and Meredith Mantooth ( by Monday, April 11 with the following information:

* Name
* Institutional affiliation
* Paper title
* 250-word abstract
* Contact information

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