We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new firm, Cultural Heritage Partners, LLC. With over fifty years of experience in the cultural heritage field, our partners have deep expertise in nonprofit management, government affairs, media and public affairs, and the law. We can be helpful in the following situations, among others:

-A preservation-related nonprofit needs assistance with strategic planning, launching new programs, mounting a public awareness campaign, or managing its legal compliance
-A sovereign nation or tribe seeks protection for its cultural heritage, including trade restrictions, NAGPRA compliance and assistance with drafting new legislation
-An organization wishes to lobby the federal government for preservation-related funding or changes to the law
-A museum needs help crafting policies to manage culturally sensitive material or respond to requests for repatriation
-A family or individual seeks assistance in preserving collections or historically or environmentally significant land

We are unique in that we provide not only top notch legal services but also capacity-building strategy and management advice. Please call on us when you think we may be helpful to you and your mission. More information is available at www.culturalheritagepartners.com.

We welcome your referrals!

Best regards,
Donald F. Craib, Partner
Marion Forsyth Werkheiser, Partner
Greg Werkheiser, Partner

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