OSEA Job Announcement: Program Assistant for 2010 Summer Field School

OSEA Seeks 1 or 2 Program Assistants for 2010 Summer Field School. The number of assistants hired will depend upon final program enrollment and qualifications/experiences of applicants.

We seek a highly motivated, mature, professional, with developed qualifications and/or experience in both office/clerical management and academic teaching/research. Work schedule includes pre-program activities during April and May, the program per se, and post program activities. The person must also have a flexible yet well defined personality that can adapt to different kinds of social contexts, cultural norms, personalities, and contingencies. The selected person(s) fulfills one or more roles simultaneously: (A) Teaching and Research Assistant. (B) Instructor, if possible and according to expertise in areas such as conversational Spanish, ethnography, anthropology, or related cultural studies fields. (C) Student Liaison and Supervisor of Student Activities. (D) Financial/Program Administrator. Time commitment: full time 40-55 hours a week, during the 8 weeks of the OSEA Field School Program plus 4 days prior to start date and 4 days post closing date. In addition, the assistant works approximately 4 weeks at quarter time in pre-program preparation. This may include preparation of course materials, guiding participants with pre-travel issues, and related pre-program activities. During the field school there is scheduled free time and a program break from work (expenses are out of pocket). Total time is approximately 9 weeks on site. There is post-program work of one week at half-time, which can be conducted off-site, to complete administrative responsibilities by September. Pay scale is dependent upon qualifications of applicant. Payment includes food and lodging while on-site, partial to full reimbursement of airfare, ground travel from airport to program site, and a monetary stipend. Benefits include option to take structured Maya language course (at introductory, intermediate, or advanced levels) and advising on Assistant’s research and/or writing where relevant/desired. While the position is seasonal, there is the option for continued part-time work during the academic year 2010-11 and renewal of position for 2011.

To apply, send a cover letter that explains your interest in and motivations to work with OSEA and in Yucatán, vita/resume, and contact information for two professional references. The letter should include descriptions of any and all undergraduate or graduate research and travel experience, especially in Latin America and Mexico, disciplinary training to date, professional goals in short and long term. Please send an academic curriculum vitae and either a business resume or an addenda to the CV that details non-academic work experience, positions, and skills, including Spanish or other language proficiencies. Applicants with a minimum of anthropology background is desired but those with training in any related field of cultural-social studies and practical experience in office administration/secretarial, NGO management, community development, and/or art fields are encouraged to apply. Ability to teach or practical experience in teaching conversational Spanish at introductory levels is a welcome skill to highlight. In your cover letter please clarify what special skills, leadership, training, experience, or current projects that you bring to the Field School that would be a unique asset to the development of student participants and staff or that would contribute to the OSEA experience. Applicants may be graduate students working toward a Masters or a Ph.D. or post-degree professionals with academic/research backgrounds. Applications can be submitted any time from posting until the position is filled or no later than December 15. Submit your materials directly to Quetzil Castañeda, OSEA, 2244 Martha Street, Bloomington, IN 47408.

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