I did not want to beat the AAA’s Anthropology News to the punch, so I waited until its December issue appeared online in AnthroSource before putting the following post together for the Museum Anthropology weblog. As the Council for Museum Anthropology (CMA) membership learned during the recent AAA meetings in San Francisco, the CMA Board has selected and named the next editors of Museum Anthropology, the council’s journal (which I have been privileged to edit since late 2005). As noted in the following statement by CMA President Catherine Fowler, two excellent museum anthropologists–Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and Stephen Nash have been named co-editors. While two more issues (those appearing in 2009) remain for me to complete, Steve and Chip have begun planning for the work ahead. Chip visited Bloomington on other business earlier in the fall and this provided him with a welcome and unusual opportunity to visit the current editorial office in person. Planning for the transition to the new editorial office at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is well underway and I am very excited by the new directions and improvements that Chip and Steve are planning for the journal. Below I have reproduced President Fowler’s announcement. While I cannot present it here, I strongly encourage CMA members and other friends of Museum Anthropology to consult the thoughtful and vigorous essay “Notes from Museum Anthropology‘s New Editors” that Steve and Chip have published below President Fowler’s announcement in Anthropology News. Both items appear in the CMA’s section news column edited by CMA secretary Joyce Herold. Find both items together online here. I am very pleased to be handing Museum Anthropology off to such a capable editorial team. I am very appreciative of their willingness to steward the journal. I also am very thankful to have enjoyed the consistent support and encouragement of the CMA Board, as reflected in President Fowler’s kind comments below.

Keep an eye on this space for further news regarding the transition to the new editorial office.

Museum Anthropology Editorship

By Catherine S Fowler (U Nevada-Reno, CMA President)

The CMA board is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephen Nash and Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS) as the next editors of Museum Anthropology, beginning July 2009. Each brings a wealth of museum and publishing experience to the task, and the membership should look forward to the continuation of strong and diverse articles under their tenure. Steve joined the DMNS as chair of the anthropology department in 2006 after serving as collections manager at the Field Museum in Chicago. He has published extensively in his research area of Southwest archaeology, as well as in the history of anthropology and archaeology. Chip joined the museum’s curatorial staff in 2007, coming from Anthropological Research, LLC. He, too, has strong research interests in Southwest archaeology and ethnology, as well as in museums as educational institutions. The CMA board wishes to thank Jason Baird Jackson and Indiana University for three years of outstanding leadership and commitment brought to Museum Anthropology. Only those who have undertaken such a task truly understand the amount of work that goes into making an outstanding publication. Jason deserves our heartfelt thanks and congratulations for a job well done.

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