A new exhibition exploring the unique art and culture of the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand will be opening at the Peabody Essex Museum later this month — Body Politics, Maori Tattoo Today.

This exhibition features compelling full-length portrait photographs by Hans Neleman of Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, and their moko, facial and body tattooing, which is a sacred art of great personal and tribal meaning. Moko was outlawed for many years until 1962, and has recently undergone a resurgence.

Dominick Pangallo, Public Relations Associate at the Peabody, has provided us with a couple of sneak peaks for our readers.

Image captions

Rawiri Poutu Te Rangi, 1998, New Zealand, Photo by Hans Neleman, © Hans Neleman/Rawiri Poutu Te Rangi.

Tame Wairere Iti, 1998, New Zealand, Photo by Hans Neleman, © Hans Neleman/Tame Wairere Iti.

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