From a Textile Society of American press release:


The Textile Society of America (TSA) is pleased to announce the receipt of a grant from The Coby Foundation, Ltd. to develop and undertake a survey of publication needs in the fields of textile studies. As an organization founded to provide an international forum for the exchange and dissemination of information about textiles worldwide from artistic, cultural, economic, historic, political, social and technical perspectives, TSA is well positioned to undertake this investigation.

The Coby Foundation, Ltd., the only foundation in the United States to focus solely on funding projects in textiles and needle arts, is interested in this timely initiative, prompted by two factors: 1) The recognition that textiles provide a valid and important subject of study and scholarly investigation; 2) the current prevalent attitudes of some publishers, reluctant to publish scholarly monographs, particularly those which require a large number of illustrations and color reproductions. The survey will be used to ascertain current needs with regard to the publication of scholarly monographs in a diverse range of textile fields.

The survey will be distributed online to the largest possible constituency of textile scholars, academics, creative practitioners and other specialists. To facilitate the compilation of a comprehensive mailing list, we welcome your assistance. Individuals associated with academic presses (or others) with an interest in learning from this survey, please contact us with recommendations for questions or topics.

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