News of a new Virtual Museum of Canada project of special interest to museum anthropologists has come from from friends of Museum Anthropology and Museum Anthropology Review Amber Ridington and Kate Hennessy:

Curators Amber Ridington (PhD Candidate, Folklore, Memorial University) and Kate Hennessy (PhD Candidate, Anthropology, University of British Columbia), and Unlimited Digital Communications, Inc., are pleased to announce the launch of the virtual exhibit Dane Wajich- Dane-zaa Stories and Songs: Dreamers and the Land. The exhibit was produced by the Doig River First Nation in collaboration with ethnographers, linguists, and multimedia professionals, and is funded by the Virtual Museum of Canada, the Volkswagen Foundation (Funding initiative: Documentation of endangered languages), the Northeast Native Advancing Society, and North Peace School District #60. It integrates subtitled Dane-zaa and English video narratives, interpretive e-text, photographs of the production process, recordings of songs, and contemporary and archival images of traditional lands in order to address present concerns faced by the community as they negotiate legacies of colonialism.

We are inviting you to view this virtual exhibit and respond to a brief questionnaire evaluating the project. As a diverse group of people with equally diverse experience and expertise, your input is very valuable to us, for this virtual exhibit and future indigenous media initiatives.

To view the exhibit, please visit

To respond to the questionnaire, please go to:

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