Here is some fellowship information to pass on, courtesy of Michael F. Brown. One of these fellowships, the Clark/Oakley Humanities Fellowship, may be of particular interest to museum anthropologists because it is linked not only to the Clart Art Institute, but to the Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Williams College, where Michael is the Director.

In conjunction with the Oakley Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Williams College, the Research and Academic Program at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute announces a new fellowship for a scholar in the humanities whose work takes an interdisciplinary approach to the visual. The selected fellow will have his or her office at the Oakley Center, be housed at the Clark scholars’ residence, and participate fully in the rich intellectual life of both advanced research institutes. The fellowship may be held either for one semester or the academic year. Stipends are generous and are dependent on salary and sabbatical replacement needs.

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General information on the Fellowships at the Clark Art Institute follows:

The Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute offers opportunities for scholars of the visual arts to apply for resident fellowships. Successful applicants for Clark Fellowships will receive stipends and travel expenses. They will have the use of offices in the Scholars’ Center and apartments in the Scholars’ Residence across the street from the Institute. Clark Fellows are in residence from one to ten months; between six and eight Fellows are in residence at any one time.

Scholars may propose topics that relate to the visual arts, their history, practice, theory, or interpretation. Any proposal that contributes to understanding the nature of artistic activity and the intellectual, social, and cultural worlds with which it is connected will be welcome. Subjects of investigation might come from any period, from prehistory to the present, and from anywhere in the world. Projects can be focused on works in any medium and can employ any methodological approach. Attention, however, will be given to proposals that promise to deepen, transform, or challenge those methods currently practiced within art history or that have the prospect of enhancing an understanding of the role of images in other disciplines in the humanities. Museum professionals can apply for the Clark’s Mellon Fellowships to pursue independent research as well as to complete institutional projects such as exhibitions.

Applicants should hold a Ph.D. or demonstrate equivalent professional experience. They may come from the academic or museum worlds, or from other professional backgrounds, and may be residents of any country. They may be employed, full- or part-time, or be independent historians, curators, and/or critics.

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