Having just completed editorial and typesetting work on issue 30(2), a big word of thanks are due to S.A., the project editor at the University of California Press who skillfully shepherds Museum Anthropology through production process. Throughout my editorship, she has insured that the journal was typeset well and on budget, has dealt with the printers, made sure that copies were mailed to the right people in a timely way and handled many key behind the scenes tasks associated with scholarly journal publishing. With four issues/two years behind us, a public word of thanks was quite overdue.

Thanks more broadly go to everyone at UC Press. I am grateful to all who have worked so hard to make Museum Anthropology a continued success.

While another venue will need to be found for debate on the issues of the day (and of today…) in anthropology publishing, I hope to share more substantive news regarding the behind the scenes work of Museum Anthropology and Museum Anthropology Review as soon as I am able.

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