From a Mathers Museum e-release:


Images of Native Americans: The Wanamaker Collection
Presents selections from one of the largest and most important
collections of images of Native Americans, and features an overview of
the collection’s history and its holdings.

Laughter on a Stick: Turkish Shadow Theater
Traces the history and development of Turkish shadow puppetry.

Liberian Collections Project: Preserving the Past, Building the Future
Provides an overview of the Liberian Collections Project, including its
mission, history, associated scholars, collections, and archives

Lost and Found: Art through Recycled Objects
Reveals how cultures reuse everyday trash for art and fun.

Thoughts, Things, and Theories….What Is Culture?
Explores cultural traditions from around the world.

To Have and To Hold: African Containers
Presents over 60 containers from throughout Africa and examines their
origins and uses.

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