Museum Anthropology has provided food for thought for Ross Day, whose Library of Primitive Art blog is given as a sidebar link here. Ross is one of the research librarians at the Metropolitan Museum of Art who are directing attention to the implications of blogs and other new media for the work of librarians in general and for librarians in our museum-centered corner of the world in particular. One aspect of the current moment is consideration of when and how to catalog such things as blogs. Museum Anthropology and this blog evoke this question because the blog is framed explicitly as an extension of the (print) journal. His recent post, which I recommend, is titled: “Tracking open-access alternatives to traditional print publishing.” See also Ross’ clarification/comment on my earlier post.

For those who are seeking more general information on open-access as it relates to anthropology will find very useful resources on the Open Access Anthropology blog and the Open Access Anthropology wiki.

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