Annette Fromm, Secretary of the International Committee of Museums of Ethnography, a committee within ICOM (the International Council of Museums), would like to point Council for Museum Anthropology (CMA) members and others interested in museum anthropology to the ICME website, where information on the organization can be found. Among the resources available on the site are PDF copies of papers presented at annual ICME meetings since 2001. Available papers from the 2006 conference, held in Miami in July, include works by W. Richard West, Jr. (on the National Museum of the American Indian), Alexandra Turnbull (on the Native North American exhibition at the Milwaukee Public Museum), and Peter Bjerrgaard (on “The Materiality of Museum Politics”). The next ICME meeting will be held during the general ICOM meeting in Vienna, July 19-24. The ICME meeting theme is “Museums and Universal Heritage.” Details can be found here.

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