In a forthcoming review in Museum Anthropology, Nancy Hoskins considers Coptic Textiles, an online exhibition of the California Academy of Sciences. This review is grounded in Hoskins long-term study of this subject. She is the author of numerous works in this field, including the book The Coptic Tapestry Albums and the Archaeologist of Antinoé, Albert Gayet (University of Washington Press, 2004).

Hoskins is compiling a list of American museums that have Coptic textiles in their collections. While she knows of many repositories with such materials, they (like many kinds of archaeological and ethnographic objects) can turn up anywhere. She thus would welcome information on Coptic textiles found in American museums. She can be contacted by email at nhoskein (at) mailpci (dot) net. Her useful review of the Coptic Textiles digital exhibition will appear in Museum Anthropology 30(1), the Spring 2007 issue.

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